Richard Devine and Red Bull giving the 301 some love in this

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Nice too see that he loves the ER-301. And Red Bull.

As for Red Bull, I disagree.


isn’t he the guy who owns every module ever created?

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I was being sarcastic, because I feel really uncomfortable when a brand fakes to be concerned about art or whatever.
But wow, I was not aware of this.


So Red Bull is trying to be the next Storm Front? We can only hope that artists move away from them…well the one that don’t identify with intolerance and bigotry.


Yes, sorry, I didn’t want to start a political discussion, but as you said: a lot of people are just not aware of this “issue” – and we all should know about it.


I’m curious. How are people verifying the veracity of the reporting in this case? I tried clicking through to the interview in the Austrian newspaper but even with Google Translate really only about 50% of the resulting text is clear to me which means it is almost useless for critical reading.

Edit: Just to be clear, I’m not interested in defending Red Bull’s CEO. I am really interested in the process of news dissemination, how ideas flow through society, opinion formation, the polarization of groups, etc.


Politics aside, it’s cool to hear that Richard Devine thinks so highly of the ER-301. He posted here a few times a ways back for tech support but I never really heard how he got on with the ER-301 after that.


Need verification?

Just try actually drinking Red Bull - it will tell you everything you need to know :skull_and_crossbones: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::biohazard::non-potable_water::radioactive::underage:

I found out the recipe - it’s distilled dirt from underneath the fingernails of satan!

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I’ve only drank it once, after which I quite unexpectedly fell asleep. I assumed it was made from crushed up sweet-tarts and water. :slight_smile:

:laughing: I only have one experience with Red Bull and that was on the last 25km of a 150km sportive in the Japanese Alps. I was suffering from major leg cramps when I approached the last aid station. Much to my chagrine, they were offering only plain blocks of tofu with radish on top but just as I was about to hop back on my bike empty-handed, a staff person arrived carrying a cooler full of Red Bull. I never tasted anything so delicious. I got back on my bike and absolutely smashed the last 25km. I was really impressed with it that day. However, in the following weeks, I would get these really strong cravings for Red Bull. Much stronger than coffee cravings. So I put a stop to any Red Bull consumption after that. Well, I might have a can again if I am cramping up and there is nothing but tofu. Oh and actually it tastes like crap if you are not completely exhausted and thirsty.


You actually liked it? Oh my! I can’t even tolerate the smell hehe :slight_smile:

edit: just seen your edit - phew!! My faith is restored :wink:

The addiction side of it sounds about right, I have seen a few folks on nights out downing vodka red bull and after about 10 they go into full body spasms a bit like an epileptic fit - very scary!

My body needed electrolytes so badly that I probably could have drank sea water and enjoyed it. Nutrition-wise I was badly prepared for that sportive. Ignorant-me expected sports drinks and bananas at each aid station but actually it was all just local produce like cucumbers, carrots, pickles and tofu. Not a single source of quick energy or electrolytes anywhere! I was dying out there!


I understand!! I guess in a ‘state of emergency’ like that anything would do :slight_smile:

A very valid question. I’m German and read the original interview (from April 2017). I agree that a lot of it is diffuse. He favours right wing politicians like Sebastian Kurz (Federal Chancellor of Austria) and Donald Trump, but the worst parts are his quotes about refugees. He favours terms like “emigration flows” and “mass migrations”, questions that most refugees really are fleeing something and supports closing borders. To me it’s definitely a Nimby mindset (Not in my backyard).

Funniest sentence (about Trump): “I just don’t think he ever really thought about building a few kilometers of border fence to Mexico.”