Rings/Strings/Karplus unit?

heyyyyyyyy y’all. first posty post, be gentle with my nethers please to.

lol. Extra Tender Newbie? my 301 should ship in about 10 days. i have been LURKING and PERUSING and DROOLING over everything on this forum. very, VERY impatient.

also, planning and looking at what i can replace with the 301 in a smaller system.

i love the Resonator side of Rings, but use the string emulation the most. is there a Custom Unit that sounds similar?


AFAIK there was still some minor stuff in the way of karplus implementation. To do with tracking, I think. Nothing that’s not solved soonish. But, I don’t think there are stringy units out there right now.

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Most of the knowledge/discussion around Karplus on the ER-301 is in this thread. You can get a basic Karplus synth working at this point.

There are also some interesting ideas on the road map in the maybe/eventually section around wind/string synthesis.

Someday, the c++/DSP/plugin layer is planned to be exposed to developers which will probably open up more possibilities in this area too.

For what it’s worth though, my second-hand DIY Rings module stopped working some time ago, and I still often consider replacing it with another, or with Elements (probably will once I add some case space). There’s a lot of careful, expert design in those modules that make them sound great and fun to use - hard to beat.

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Joskles - thanks!

JoeJoe - cool! i’ll check those threads!

durp. i searched for Rings, not Karplus. SMART.

lol. and yeah. i looooove Rings. Olivier is a madman. so much good MI loot out there. i’m just looking at as portable as possible a rack.



Well, I think your question makes perfect sense. A module like the 301 is perfectly suited to doing some karplus. Just need the algorithms to get us there.

Very interested in this myself.

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“me too” i just bought a monsoon the other day (a uClouds from jakplugg). mainly for the oliverb mode of its clouds parasites firmware (which is awesome btw…). and then i tried that resonestor mode (with the ipad soft drummer mumbling in the background). after the first successful ‘excitement’ i instantly felt the urge to press the record button…
basicaly: i’d love to second the idea of having a Karplus-Strong unit in my
portable 301 case (is what i’m trying to say here)

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For K-S, using the clocked delay with an oscillator driving the Clock input almost works for V/OCT tracking. It fails as the frequency increases, where if you play a scale chromatically some notes just don’t change the pitch and others are wrong.

I thought it might be due to not having sub-sample accuracy in terms of timing, but switching to the Clocked Doppler Delay doesn’t fix the tracking problem and does introduce massive slew. So my guess is, it’s a limitation of the clocking algorithm instead. It was worth a try though :slight_smile: