Rotate steps?

Is it possible to rotate steps in a sequence such that (in a 16 step sequence), step 16 becomes step 1, step 1 becomes step 2, etc. Sometimes I have a sequence where I am perceiving step N as step 1, and it’d be great to just rotate everything around to make it that way.

I looked into the ER-102 rotate button for group, but this appears to be focused on steps in a group rather than steps in a sequence.



I don;t know how to do this either… Part of what I love about sequencers is the ability to explore and this situation of having everything right but out of phase is very common, a solution to this would be great!!

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that’s a really good idea, i often experience the same and wished i could rotate the whole sequence. one way of doing this is by making parts where you set your start and reset points accordingly. but i would love to have a destructive rotate feature on the pattern level, like a maths transform!

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Thanks, the Moog Mother 32 sequencer has a nice implementation of this feature. As a workaround, I copied steps 2-16 and inserted them on step 1 of a new pattern, then copied step 1 from the previous pattern to step 16 of the new pattern. Agree that destructive rotation on the pattern or track level would be killer.

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Yeah I’d also like a transform function to randomize the steps.

i.e. not change any of the voltages, just change where they play

have you tried adding every step of your sequence into it’s own group? apologies if i’m missing something… seems like this is a deeper solution as you can opt out key elements if desired as well.

Rotations and inversions are NOT restricted to just groups. You can perform those operations on entire tracks, patterns, parts or groups. It just depends on what you have focused when you press the ROTATE and/or INVERT buttons. Please see p23 of the ER-102 manual and report back with any questions that you may have.


Also I should add that I worried a little that the placement of the ROTATE and INVERT buttons inside the GROUP section of the panel might imply that they only work on groups. Therefore I gave those 2 buttons their own graphical border. The GROUP section is really a donut with the ROTATE and INVERT buttons placed in the hole. :nerd:


I still feel like ‘babies first steps’ with this 101/102 combo, I keep learning things, but there always seems to be more… :smiley:

i’ve read the manual i dunno how many times but i must have overread that section everytime.

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Rotoinversion only affects the focused parameter, which makes it very flexible, but I think the initial question/wish here was to rotate all steps of a pattern or track entirely. If I want to rotate a whole pattern by 12 steps I have to press the Rotate button 4 x 12 times (12 times for each of the four parameters) – or did I miss something? If not, it would be great to add this feature someday…

If you have the 102 you can effectively rotate the entire pattern by setting the ‘Reset To’ to a step other than step 1, quicker than rotating all parameters which I always manage to mess up somehow! :smiley:

Thanks, I know, but I think it would still be helpful to have a destructive/permanent rotate function for patterns. Maybe pressing the CV-A and Gate button simultaneously to select all four parameters at once and then apply Rotate?

If you want I can add a setting in the CONFIG.INI file that let’s you select the style of rotation that you want (something like, rotate = focused-parameter-only vs rotate = all-parameters). I’m not sure adding cryptic chording just for this feature is worth the increase in UI complexity. :thinking:

By the way, are you sure you have given the “rotation of individual parameter lanes” a good chance? Personally, I have found that they yield much more useful results then just rotating everything (which gets boring pretty quickly). Rotations of pitches while keeping rhythm invariant and vice versa is where the gold is at! :wink:

@iPassenger Great tip by the way!


I agree, rotating individual parameters is way more interesting, so if I’d have to decide between parameter and step rotation, I’d stay with parameter rotation.

On the other hand there are these “No the 1 is here, not there!” situations, in which step rotation would be the quickest and easiest solution.

I already expected that you wouldn’t like the chording idea. :wink: But it would just add a “hidden function”, which you could just ignore in case you don’t want to use it.