Routing Strategies


Thought I’d share these as I used these pretty extensively on Video #30 building a step sequencer custom unit:

added hint for below: The toggle button can also be pinged from an external source as well! :open_mouth:


and here’s the gist of the step sequencer control from video 30



Here’s an idea for a discreet send Audio Mixer. I haven’t tested it but I’m 99.9% sure it’ll work :muscle: I did this off the top of my head, and forget if the global chains can directly assign an external input. If so, the ch. mixers in the global chains are not required.

This is barebones - you could add EQ’s, use toggles and some local routing to key channelsr to creating ducking effects, add switchable effect return sources. Lots of possibilities!


Holy Moly. :scream_cat:

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Crumbs… it took me a minute or two to work out how you were doing this, but …yeah - very, very nice!

Thank you!!! :smiley:

Wow! Your on the ball man :raised_hands:

Good gravy, @NeilParfitt - you are on fire! :hotsprings: After watching video #30 and looking at this, I’m pretty blown away. I actually watched the video while drinking my first cup of coffee, and I clearly miscalculated the amount of caffeine I would need to ingest that one. Awesome, awesome stuff here!

This makes me want USB midi (or something) into ER-301 even more, imagine hooking this up to something like a BCF2000 and being able to map all the controls on a fully fledged version of this!

I’ll say again, this really is very clever :smile_cat:

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The expert sleepers FH-1 seems like it would do the trick via CV?

+1 on the MIDI. So many reasons to have it. Fh1 would not reduce cable spaghetti.

Thanks @jonny :slight_smile:

Yeah there’s plenty of ways to get midi to cv - I use the shuttle control and it’s great!

I was thinking more like having the ability to control a lot more parameters; level, pan, mute, aux send, eq 1,2,3 for each channel or something :slight_smile:

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@NeilParfitt Hi Neil! I was just about to post something about this, when the thread came up.

I’ve been trying to do something like this where i am using OUTS 1 and 2 as a stereo dry out to my DAW, while OUTS 3 and 4 act like an AUX bus to the Magneto. I have a drum Rompler running with 4 or 5 mixers, as well as other audio signals coming into different units like a pedal looper and other external oscillators. I want to bus variable amounts of each internal unit or instrument to my FX output. (3/4) without having to send the entire physical output (1/2) to the magneto. So i could bus say, the snare and percussion to ext. FX but still keep the dry blend however i’ve mocked it up with everything else.

Should i create all my instrument units in Globals and tap them that way? I don’t exactly understand creating and routing locals, or how to read your diagram, but i’m trying to get my head around it.

Thanks for the help!

I :heart: block diagrams. Thank you!

(wish I had noticed these sooner!)

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Yeah for now it looks like you’d have to ‘double bus’ to get the desired result:


Thank you so much @NeilParfitt ! I had a feeling it was something. Couple more questions:

(1) If i have a unit that contains several mixers, each with its own drum sound, and i want to send variable amounts of each drum sound out 3/4 to the magneto, do i need to create a global unit for each individual drum sound? And then recreate each drum channel separately on channel 1/2 and 3/4? Or can i wrap all that up in a custom unit somehow? Just wondering if can copy and paste the whole enchilada or if i need to build it all 3 times.
(2) as far as adding VCAs to each, can i just apply voltage control to the gain of the mixer channel, or is the benefit of the VCAs that i can add envelope units to each?

Thanks again!!

You’d need each drum hit as a separate global. Then, bring that back on channel mixers twice… one for dry output and the other for the magneto send. The diagram sums it up. Just imagine in that diagram drum, thingy and doodad as separate drum hits or sample players.

No, the channel mixer is a ‘set and forget’ fader, so you’d need a bipolar VCA within if you want to automate level controls.

Also worth noting that there is a unipolar VCA now made for exactly this kind of scenario - i.e. you can map it to an external control and know you can return exactly to zero easily and not ‘overshoot’ into the other half.


Ah yes good thinking. Though i think i’m setting up the VCAs wrong. Where do i add the VCA and its respective envelope, and where do route the gate signal? Sorry i missed the first day of class when we talked about how to tie our shoes and route VCAs.

2nd question - when i set this routing up with 4 stereo globals with variable speed players for 4 individual one-shot drum sounds, and then put corresponding mixers to receive each global on both OUTS 1/2 and 3/4, my critical load is around 70%. Doesn’t that seem a bit much for only 4 drum sounds that are being routed to two places? I unloaded all unused samples.

2 questions about performance:

  1. are you running at 48 or 96? 96k will roughly half your available DSP

  2. are your drum shots actually in stereo? Or are they mono? If you go mono, that will again half the CPU needed for a sample player.