Routing to the 6 track recorder

Normally when I use the 6 track recorder, I just record my final stereo pair, but I’d like to try doing more arranging with my recordings, so I’d like to find a way to record individual parts.

My usual quicksave has a bunch of mixer channels, each containing an incoming external voice with an effect chain after it.

What I’d really love to do is route each individual mixer channel to one of the six tracks on the recorder (without spreading them to separate output chains), but I’m not sure if this is actually possible. Anyone have any insight into how I might go about this?

you can route inputs, outputs and global chains to the recorder as far as i know. so you would have to put your mixers into global chains if you dont want to use up your 4 channels.

Thought about maybe using pedal looper units instead of the 6-track recorder? You could tie all the controls to the same trigger to start/stop/reset, even undo them, and drop them in the chains anywhere you want. They can pass audio through for monitoring, and I think you can stop the passthrough if you want to playback. You can set the max buffer length quite high. They’re also pretty flexible in that you can set them to stop after recording vs. looping.

Seems like it would work, the downside/tradeoff being that you have to go save off all the buffers individually when you’re finished.

could i have 6 pedal loopers recording for ~30+ minutes?

I always assumed that perhaps that 6 track recorder was optimized or running on a separate thread or something, but who knows if that is true.

I think it actually makes sense for me to put my mixer channels into global chains though so I think that will work for me.

No idea, really. I guess Brian would have to tell us what the differences would be. Was just a thought for inserting a recording anywhere in the chain.