Rungler - custom source

I finally managed to extrapolate the Rungler portion of my Bengiolino unit so you can use it in a more modular fashion with whatever clock and data input you want to modulate whatever you want.
To use it just give the Clock control an input from an internal or external clock source (lfo, oscillator, noise, whatever…) or insert a sine osc as a clock then do the same with the data input (again, use whatever external or internal source or insert an oscillator here).
Then use it to modulate whatever parameter of whatever unit you want. Put it in a global chain to be able to use it on all chains.
I decided to put a Rectify unit at the end of it so you dont risk driving Vco’s into negative frequency land, but if you prefer it rough you can navigate it (click on “open”) and delete the rectify unit at the end of the subchain.


Controls :

  • scale : controls a bipolar VCA to scale the very big range coming out of the rungler
  • offset : controls an offset unit with which you can shift the signal up and down as required by the destination you are modulating.

cpu : about 9%
firmware : 0.4.11 or later
requires : nothing
credits : as with my previous Bengiolino release infinite gratitude to mr. Rob Hordijk for the shared knowledge and for the glorious Rungler invention. Infinite gratitude to mr. @trickyflemming for his Reaktor 6 port of the Rungler that split my brains open and helped me figure out the pseudo DAC portion of my Rungler version.
tips: use it on a global chain to be able to exploit it across all chains. feed the rungler output back to the clock source frequency for some very weird timings. start with a scale value of 0.001 if you are modulating a v\oct input.
Rungler.unit (58.5 KB)


Thanks @hyena, looking forward to my test drive!

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thanks my friend! nothing new but i thought it deserved its own unit :slight_smile:

thanks! it works great — though i had to insert a VCA after the rectifier limiting volume of the output to 0.01 to get it within 0…1 range. i’m on firmware v 0.5 however, could that be the culprit?

whoaah! version 0.5!!! you made me notice!
no, i think it outputs very high numbers, have to look at it better, anyway you found a good solution :slight_smile: maybe i put a controllable VCA at the end of it?

yes! that sounds like the solution. maybe even controllability is not necessary because i think most of the parameters that make sense to be controlled with it expect 0…1 range! or -1…+1 bipolar.

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will work on it the next days. maybe i’ll ditch the rectify unit and replace with bipolar vca and an offset, so we have scale\offset\invert


new version uploaded, please re-download. any feedback more than welcome.

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thanks! will test!


hmm for some reason i can’t manage to get this to work:/ i must be misunderstanding something basic. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

load it on a chain (or a global chain).
click on the “clock” gate control to enter its subchain.
here you can assign it an external (or internal, via “locals”) clock source OR you can place here a clock source (a sine osc works perfectly fine).
adjust the frequency (or time) of your clock.
exit the subchain with the up button.
go to the “data” slider, click on it to enter its subchain.
here place a sine oscillator (or whatever you want to use as source or “seed” for the rungler). use a medium frequency such as 500 to 1000 hertz as a starting point.
exit the subchain with the “up” button.
now place a unit you want to control with the runger.
place a sine oscillator. go to its “v/oct” slider, click on it to enter its subchain.
click on the empty header at the left and click on “local” on the small display to choose a local source via internal routing. now in the display navigate to the RUNGLER unit and click it to select it.

now the only thing you have to do is set “scale” correctly, start with a 0.01 value and watch how the v\oct of the target sine oscillator jumps around.
tell me if you have any problem with it.
it it still a bit “experimental”.

hey thanks for the quick response. that’s exactly what i was trying. i think it was setting the scale in the last part of your description that i was having trouble with for some reason

wait @hyena do you mean scale on the rungler unit? the one i downloaded just has clock and data…

download it again, i updated it a couple days ago :slight_smile:

this way its easier to adjust for larger or smaller ranges and you can also use the offset parameter to shift it up n down

i downloaded it last night

makes sense

@hyena the unit you have posted above seems to be the old one

sorry @claasp you were right, this was due to the fact i saved the new version in the old v0.4 presets folder while the one i uploaded here was taken from the new 0.5 presets folder. now its the right one.
sorry for the mess. download again!

wonderful thank you, looking forward to diving in!

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