S&H group mod CV on note on?

Would it be possible to add a new setting to the config.ini file to allow a group mod CV input to be sampled and held on a note on event? (i.e. when a track’s gate output goes high).

This would be really useful with “cv-slope-modifier = pre-lookup” and an LFO or performance control. Otherwise you get in scale stair-stepping with varying voltages.

(Thanks for adding “cv-slope-modifier = pre-lookup” BTW!)

Also FYI, the default config.ini on the website is not the same as the one generated on my module (running 2.12).


If I understand correctly this is already possible, just use the track output as the input for a trigger on the S&H and set the threshold accordingly :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit confused. Are you talking about using an external S&H? Or do you mean patching the track gate output to the group gate input?

Now I am confused too, have to be really careful with naming conventions otherwise it gets really confusing!

If you have a gate and a CV coming into the ER-301 as well as using the gate to trigger an envelope or whatever, you could also use the same gate input to trigger a S&H unit that is placed in-between the incoming CV and wherever you’re sending it.

Does that help? Or have I totally misunderstood?

Did you mean to type ER-301…? (I know that’s all everyone thinks about…, but there are some other modules…)

Oh dear… I do apologise, I am totally in 301 world and I have made a total fail!!

Ignore me, I can just delete all these posts if you like?

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Nah, to err is human. We’ve all been there.

And hey, the ER-301 is a pretty spiffing module, I can totally understand the obsession. I may well buy one one day. (And I do have a really neat idea for a control surface to code up on the Monone Ansible for it…)

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I was really looking forward to checking out the config file too as I’d not heard it mentioned before heheh - what a plonker!

Do it, if you like the 101/2 combo there’s a fair chance you would like the 301 too, I’m having a blast and the Ansible control surface would be inspiring I am sure!!

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A polite bump… next time I’ll tag Brian incase he thinks this has already been answered.

Definitely @sam. I’ll include this in the next release.


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This has (finally) been implemented in v2.16. Sorry for the wait!


Really really sorry for the slow feedback on this (have a young baby, modular time comes in fits and starts).

(This is based on firmware v2.16.)

Based on a bit of testing, it looks like it’s doing an inverted track and hold.

Thus when the track gate is high, the mod CV is sampled, but when the gate is low, the mod CV is passed through.

This causes an issue with release times on envelopes. If I’ve set up an LFO into a mod CV, and that in turn is modifying CV A, which is connected to VCO pitch. When the gate goes high, the input is sampled and I get just a single note, but when the gate goes low, the LFO directly modulates the VCO pitch, causing a warble in the release of the note.

(If that doesn’t make sense, I can type up a more detailed example.)

If possible I would like it to behave as follows, when the track gate is high the mod CV is sampled, when the track gate goes low, nothing should happen, the previously sampled value should still be current.

Thanks for fixing this in 2.19. I’m testing it as I type.

Highly recommend feature for all generative fans out there!

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