Sample Buffer not saving with Quicksave :(

So I am currently using a Looper unit and then a Manual Grains to process some sounds.
Every time I go to load my quick save I have to reassign the buffer to the Looper AND the Manual Grains unit!
Is there a way to save the buffer as part of the quicksave so that I don’t have to keep assigning it to both every time I boot up?
The sample buffer that I created the first time IS in the sample pool but doesn’t get loaded with the quick save!
If it’s not currently possible to save the buffer, would it be possible to consider this for a future upgrade please?


That’s odd. Looper buffers and Manual Grains sample assignment should already be saved with presets and quicksaves. I just tried it and it works. Is there any more information you can give me to reproduce the failure please?

Before you make the quick save go back into the “assign sample” section of the looper and rename and hit “save”. Now you can quick save and the buffer will reload.

This is only necessary if you want to save the contents of the buffer. If you just want the looper to start up with an empty buffer of the same length and channel count that you created previously then the “save” step is not necessary (anymore).

Hi Brian

I created a sample looper and then assign buffer - then clicked on create buffer and then after creating the buffer assigned that to the looper.
Then inserted a Manual Grains after the looper - then clicked on assign sample and then selected the buffer I just created (file is called buf01).
When I saved this chain as a Quicksave after rebooting the buffer sample IS in the pool but doesn’t get saved with either the looper of the Manual grains!

EDIT - just saved as Bc3 suggested and it reloads the Quicksave with the sample.(YAY!) So I have to name and then save the buffer each time when using a looper I guess…

Thanks just tried this and it works :smile:

Nice and no problem!

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Hmm. Maybe it could be a user option, to be able to set whether the contents of the buffers get saved, too? Would save quite a bit of clicking. Just trying to be as lazy as possible with my file naming :slight_smile:

Besides, I think it would be conceptually sound. Quicksave saves all.

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