Sample cycle on load

Maybe I’m lazy bc I guess I could just turn down the mixer channel, but when I load auto saves any samples in the project trigger at start up. Is there anyway to make that not happen? It’s mainly an issue when I play live and I’m changing save slots mid set and I don’t want to hear the samples on load up.


The intended method is to save with your output chain in a muted state (channel LED flashing) but there is a bug in v0.4.11 that causes channel mutes to not be restored correctly. Until the next release where this is fixed, I can recommend just putting a Limiter unit at the end (it should be there anyways) and saving your patch with a post-gain of zero.

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Thanks B! - that’s shift - channel button to mute? Is there somewhere in particular I can refresh myself on some of the basics?


With the usual disclaimers:

I’ve had the same thing happen live – it seems like with samples, the behavior expected would be for them not to trigger when an auto save is loaded. As opposed to oscillators, which, well, oscillate without any triggers needed.

I’m not sure where them automatically triggering would be a benefit, but I’m obviously looking through my own lens :slight_smile: