Sample Delay Unit

Hi Brian,

Wondering if you’d consider making a micro delay unit based on samples (instead of ms) and being able to modulate that parameter. Maybe if it was ‘smart’ so if you’re running 48k firmware and had the delay set to i.e.: 10 samples, and if you went to the 96k firmware it would treat it as 20 samples so a patch would sound consistent.




Just curious why you would prefer to use samples in stead of ms or us?

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Ah I never thought of us… that would do it too :sweat_smile:

Asking b/c I am not currently at my synth: us (microseconds, yea?) are a current possibility? If so, is this a fine tune adjustment of delay time?

I’m pretty sure we have ms in the fixed delay unit unless there was a key combo or option for us I didn’t know about.

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Is this for karplus purposes? Curious over here.

Could be! Or to micro delay audio to adjust the relationship between two sounds… creating some chorusy/phasey type effects or whatever really!


There’s a phasing piece in there waiting to happen!

ah! so this HAS been suggested before. :smiley: i was playing around with semi-tuned delay lines and developed a weird and wild custom effect i’m tentatively calling the reso-phaser. it’s pretty incredible-sounding (gonna have to keep you in suspense for now as i don’t have any videos or audio clips handy) but i am repeatedly knocking up against the 1ms delay time step size. would love to see a microsecond or sample-based delay device (or simply to see the existing delay device be made capable of changing in increments smaller than milliseconds). any hope for this to happen in the future (preferably near future :sweat_smile:)?