Sample Editing from the Manual Loops unit

I recorded some audio into the 301, saved it to a .wav file and loaded it into a Manual Loops unit.

I wanted to trim some silence at the head and tail so I went into the Edit Sample menu on the unit, selected the portion of silence at the head, cut it. So far so good. I select the tail section I want to cut, press cut and now the whole sample is back with neither the head or tail cut. :confused:

Ok, I try trimming the head again, then maybe I’ll SAVE the file before moving on to trimming the tail, but “save” is grayed out and if I push it, it says “no changes to save”.

I try a combination of these steps a few more times with no luck.

I try to load another sample from the pool to see if this issue can be repeated with other files and now I notice that there are a bunch of tmp buffers in my pool and it looks like one was created each timeI tried to perform an operation on my file.

Am I missing something? I’d like to be able to do some editing on the recording and then permanently save the changes, but at the moment I cannot do more than one operation without everything reverting and I can’t save anything either!

Hmm. It looks like the Manual Loops unit is bringing up the sample editing screen incorrectly. Please use the Vari-speed Player to edit your samples for now. I will have this fixed in v0.4.04. :bowing_man:


Cool, glad there is an easy workaround!

Have you considered having the audio editor available in the admin area, de-coupled from any units?


Interesting idea! It makes sense to me, also because I frequently want to record samples independent from the unit I’m going to use them in. When I have to load buffers and fill them with audio and then save that buffer, it feels like I’m doing too much workaround stuff in order to just get the sample on my card and use it in a grains unit or whatever. I would love to have something like an Audacity-lite in the admin section! Just record, edit, load, save, maybe put into sample pool, replace, that kind of household duties. Maybe this is 0.5 inspiration :slight_smile:


I really like this idea! I could totally see it being an expansion of the 6-track recorder’s functionality.



though this thread is about a bug report
i’m glad to see even more interest in an

i am interested, too. and i will specify my thoughts in that older thread…

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