Sample gain idea

Sometimes I want to mod the gain of a quiet recorded sample, but not as drastic as normalizing.

Would be cool if while vertically zooming in a sample, this could be quickly achieved.

As an example, In the audio editor while holding “fine”with my left thumb and twiddling the encoder, the dB ± dB is currently displayed. Feels like you could press another button in the right hand to apply a change… such as pressing enter while this is happening… destructively applying a gain increase or decrease based on that db zoom value.

Visually it could make sense if the upper and lower maximum visual boundary is the digital clipping point. Then it’s easy to eyeball gain adjustments reliably.

If nothing is selected, the whole file would be adjusted. If a segment is selected, then just that chunk would be processed.

Just spitballing…


Although I really appreciate the UX brainstorming that follows (honest!), I find that I really wished you unpacked this part more. :sweat_smile:

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Haha! Sorry man! Sometimes I go on a babblefest…

So are you going to explain to me what you are trying to do and why, or do I have to reverse engineer it (most likely incorrectly) from your proposed solution? :wink:

Hah ok -

Sometimes I’ll have a recording or a file that’s inconsistent in level throughout or certain areas. Ie: There might be a single note of a phrase or voice that’s too loud or too quiet. Or a single slice that’s inconsistent compared to everything else. Normalizing is too drastic, and using the limiter in these cases is too tricky and would affect the entire audio output in a non-desirable way.

If there was something in the audio menu to dial in a dB value and apply that gain amount to the entire file (while visually seeing the waveform while dialing in a setting), or a selected range and destructively apply it is what I was getting at.

I had mentioned the visual height zoom area, as it’s really easy to eyeball levels based on seeing the waveform height adjustments.

.similar to quickly adjusting clipgain values in protools, except it’s committed to the file.