Sample per step

Hello :ok_man:

Recently i saw a video about the Digitakts “Sample per Step” function. I really liked the idea and it reminds me
on Abletons " Follow Action" which i love. Now im curious if there something possible with the ER301?

Actually i put all my samples in one channel of my DAW, export as one file, slice it up and trigger each sample in all different directions. Great great stuff! But slicing up a sample of a few minutes with hundreds of sample in it, its sometimes a pain in the a… :grin: but its worth it :blush:

My idea was this:

  • having a unit like a sample player (name could be i.e. StepSampler or … ;but with its own pool) or using the normal sample player
  • putting the samples of my desire in the units pool (if you can play the samples direct from the card maybe is skippable)
  • mark them (maybe with a tick for the pool and a number for the chronology)
  • selecting incoming trigger
  • choosing direction i.e. fwd, rev, pendulum or random

i have no idea if this is something but i came across after i woke up and i thinked about it and in my imagination i had great time :joy::joy:

hope you can folow my thoughts and sorry for my english…

I haven’t done this but:

In your DAW, work out the longest sample length, hopefully this isn’t too long and they are all a second or two each.

Identify a time division on your timeline and place each sample equally so they all end up the same length.

Load the resulting sample into ER-301 and use the auto-slice functionality.

Sorted :slight_smile:


tried out, works pretty fast and good

thank you for the fast response

but I am not averse to my idea :see_no_evil:

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If I remember correctly there is a multi-sample sample player planned :slight_smile:

hmm sounds great

and once again, it works perfectly and super fast. i use ableton, its easy-peasy. wow thanks again for save my time :bowing_man:

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one thing i usually do on the octatrack is creating a long file with equally spaced percussive sounds (64 usually) then slice them with the octa and then put a stepped random lfo to choose the slice. if you do it with different kind of percussions you end up with an impro drummer, if you put, say, 64 different kick drums you just have random timbral variations on them, then you can choose to have them only slightly different but timbrally similar or if having them very discontinuous hence ending up with a very mashed up percussive track…i’ll surely try something similar on the 301 once it lands…


The elektron word is sample chains. You can download tons of them from elektronauts’ file section, or roll your own, of course.


yep its pretty similar with the ER301. instant glitch heaven :blush:

uhhh yeah. thanks for the tip. :ok_hand:
im not a elektron stuff user. Do you have to make always this chains or its possible to grab the samples direct from the card. maybe theres a way to bypass the DAW

Don’t think there is right now. You’d need either a chain creator on the 301 (not optimal IMO) or a sample player that can play multiple samples (yeahh).