Sample playback: merging trigs, selecting slices

just got my 301 yesterday. already have it hooked up to a pair of monome ansibles, themselves attached to a grid and an arc.

  1. is there a way to merge multiple incoming gates when assigning these to trigger a slice? e.g. inputs G1 and A2 would both be able to trigger the selected slice. this way, any of the trigs sent by ansible (meadowphysics) in 8-voice mode can begin playback. at present, the trig tab only seems to allow one gate input.

  2. i know that autoslice and v/oct slice assignment are not yet implemented, but is there a standard way of assigning incoming CV (or CV range, e.g. 0-5v, -5 to +3) to select slices that are then triggered by a gate? i set an input for the slice tab, but the playhead doesn’t move between slices no matter what CV value is fed to it from ansible (cycles).

  3. is there a way to snap to next slice? i’m wondering if the playhead is ignoring the slice markers i’ve placed.

apologies if i missed an obvious answer. my 301’s UI has diverged so much (0.1.6-pre13) that it doesn’t resemble the workflow in @NeilParfitt’s first videos.

#1 -

In your source assign, you can assign your first gate source as normal, and following that, insert a channel mixer and add your 2ns gate source within that mixer unit.

#2 -

double check that your slide fader source gain isn’t 0, if that’s the case, no external control will affect the fader. Currently, the pmayheas wont move beyond the current slice unless another slice is selected.

#3 -

Same note from number 2. Currently if you have slices setup, the sample player will always stop at the next slice marker. From what I recall, Brian is coming up with a few variations of samplers in an update.

Yeah the GUI orientation of The sample player has been tweaked, but the core behavior of the sample player is still the same.


I’m sure Brian would have a more technical answer but as far as I know (and i not in my studio currently), if you have the gain set to 1, and IE: have 2 slices, the incoming voltage would roughly select such as: slice 1 - 0-2.5V, slice 2 - 0-2.51 to max.

Currently there’s no hard assign of slices to an exact voltage or a brickwall scenario where only EXACTLY voltages X to Y would select slice Z, if that makes any sense…

Yeah, that’s right!

Anyone have any idea on the maximum number of slices? Is there a limit?

Answer to 2 (and 3?). Slice CV is ignored until the moment you trigger the PLAYER. When a trigger is received, the PLAYER resets the play head to the selected slice and makes that slice active (i.e. forward playback is restricted to between slice i and slice i+1, reverse playback is restricted to between slice i and slice i-1, where slice i is the activated slice).

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Question regarding sample player… When I load a sample into the player it automatically starts play back then loops. How do you turn off the looping behavior? I have to be missing something and apologies in advance if I have missed somethign obvious :confused:

Add a slice at the beginning of the sample

I knew it was something simple, thanks!!!

Just playing devils advocate here but generally in other devices when you want to play a slice backwards I think the norm would be to play from slice i+1 to i and not from i to i-1

So are you saying that you want the ER-301 to behave like “other devices” and stick to the norm?

Devils advocate back at you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just saying :joy:

I think it should behave like an Orthogonal Device…

wah wah!