Sample Player as EG

I thought I remembered reading an older thread about this but:

So I was set on the zadar, until I read up and realized that I can use a sample player as envelope within the 301 itself.,.doesn’t this functionality roughly emulate what the zadar does?

Admittedly the interface on the zadar is far superior but…

Can I not just load up some AKWF single cycles and use them as complex envelopes with the unipolar VCA unit? Does anyone actually do this routinely? It appears to me that this is pretty nifty, because I can even used the clocked player to keep things nice and tight with my incoming gates…thoughts?

I have been trying it lately, and you can even sustain if you set the “loop on gate high” option.

EDIT: not sure if this is worth it but it would really help to have a view of the sample while sample loading. Perhaps we can have a button next to the listen button to view the sample? Would be great if it were persistent until we hit the button again. Or maybe as a system option?

Yep, I do this all the time!

Some ideas -

-Record a wiggle of CV into the pedal looper
-Take that buffer at drop it into a Clocked Player… now you have time syncronized wiggles!
-if it’s really long, why not create 8 to 16 (or whatever) slices and have those repeat … and then address different slices on the fly - each slice will synchronize to the speed of the clock

Add a super low setting slew unit so you dont get an instant jump upon repeat… unless you want that

If you pack this all within a custom source, you could have a control to engage an S&H to ‘lock the value’.

Toss in a VCA for level and inversion and you have a ton of options!


Being a big fan of both modules, I’ll just point out some differences with this analogy in case it’s helpful for you.

The ER-301 has AC coupled outputs, so envelopes you generate this way are for internal use only, obviously. Zadar can control any module. Zadar is suspiciously missing any kind of clock input, so 301 has the advantage for easy sync using its clocked players. (If you happen to have both though, you can record Zadar’s output into the 301 and use it with a clocked player :slight_smile:). Xaoc did add a sustain feature in 2.0 firmware.

The 260 programs on Zadar are vectors rather than wave files. The shapes you see in the manual are more like starting points. In addition to controlling time and level, they can be morphed pretty drastically using the panel controls and CV. That’s what makes Zadar unique. And you nailed it - Zadar’s UI makes doing this fast, fluid, and fun. Much more so than auditioning wave file after wave file to try to find what you want.

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Oh yeah I definitely see the possibilities of zadar in the context of a larger system, but in a micro-system with the 301 as the sole sound source, I’m not sure I need it. If we can add the waveform view to sample selection, I think we can get most of the way there.

Of course all of the normal transforms on the sample player are still available on the 301, like fold and slew limiter, etc.

Ah, didn’t realize we were talking about a micro-system context.

Generally I’d say Zadar pairs nicely with ER-301. I use it in lieu of internal EGs sometimes due to the physical controls and fast and vast shaping possibilities. But I still use the ER-301 internal Units too - they are good stuff.

In a micro-system, I guess Zadar could play the role of (mix and match 4 channels):

  • EG
  • unipolar LFO
  • Digital unipolar VCO (it can run at audio rates and track ~V/Oct)
  • clock source

I’ve never tried a micro-system. I know you have to choose pretty carefully, so, yeah, it would be a tough call to fit Zadar in there.

@odevices Brian, do you think it’s possible to add a visual of a sample on the load/assign screen?

I think it is possible. I would first need to digest and internalize the situation that has caused the request to be made, in this case “samples as envelopes”. After that the idea (which may have mutated beyond your ability to recognize it :smile:) would enter the arena and battle for priority.


Thanks for the consideration!

I like the concept of “idea battles”. I can see a Star Trek like alien planet surface, as two unique ideas battle for survival, it’s got danger music too.


whooo i sense something really intriguing cookin’up here!

And there is that Story from Lem where people on earth decided to take wars to the moon, fought by ai so that people and capitalistic industries won‘t get hurt…

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