Sample player basics: looping vs triggered play

I understand from Neil’s videos that the sample player defaults to a looping play mode when you load a sample into it. I’m fine with that, not necessarily my pick but it’s OK :slight_smile:

When I want to convert the sample player to a triggered one-shot mode, my understanding is that I need to enter the “Slice Sample” screen and create at least 2 slice markers. Then the trigger input to the sample player will cause it to play from the first marker to the second and stop (if the “slice” control is set appropriately)

My question is: exactly what is the minimal set of button-pushes to get this to work? I can’t figure it out. Even after I set slices, the sample player loops as I randomly hit “start” , “stop”, “enter”, “up” until one magical time I hit “start” and it just plays the sample once and stops. I think there’s something about “enter” that’s critical, but not clear which display needs to be showing (the one with the slice timestamps or the one with just the waveform view?)

Help appreciated… Most of the Parfitt videos are with older versions of the UI that don’t look much like 0.2.4.


Eventually there will be a sample player that specializes in triggering multiple samples in one-shot mode. So you won’t have to work like this forever.

For now here is the explanation of what is happening inside the current PLAYER unit. When a sample with no slices is loaded, the play head will just keep advancing and looping back to the beginning when it reaches the end because there is nothing to there to tell it otherwise. You can insert slices but they are not seen by the play head until you activate one. You activate the currently selected slice by triggering the sample. You can trigger a sample player either by a gate signal into the trig parameter or manually by hitting the ‘fire’ button that ORs your manually created gate with the incoming modulation signal.

Once a slice is activated, a start position (the activated slice marker) and two stop positions (previous slice marker for reverse motion and next slice marker for forward motion) are set on the playhead causing one-shot behavior.


Glad I found this post.
Was stumped by the activating slices business.

Is there any way to activate all slices at once?

Guess I can get used to activating them as I make them, if not. :smiley_cat:

You don’t need to activate each slice, you only have to activate one slice to switch to the one shot mode - then you can trigger each slice by sending a trigger and adjusting the slice parameter :slight_smile:

Thanks, kel.:slight_smile:
That makes much more sense!

One more — I hope it’s not too far OT.

I’ve set an external cv source to select the slice.
Is there any way to see which slice is selected?
Of course selecting with the ER-301 knob highlights, but afaict external selection doesn’t do the same.
In the lower display I can see the active slice only AFTER it’s been triggered.
Am I missing anything or is there a better way?


No worries :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly press the slices button while in slice mode to show the list of slices!

Yes, that I know about. :wink:
But thank you anyway.

I should probably start a new thread (after searching for the answer!)