Sample player functionality requests

Taking into account the sample player is already a serious beast :japanese_ogre: I understand if these aren’t imperative. My two thoughts: 1) While in slice view, holding M5 (or Shift+M5) and scrolling with the encoder would delete all slice markers the cursor moves over, and 2) an undo/redo function in slice view at M2/Shift+M2.

I have a thing concerning the sample player:

It’d be nice to have a sort of ‘end fade’ parameter. When you have slices, you could make the sample player fade out the slice played as it gets near the next slice/end of sample. This could be used to create variation in sliced drum loops, make legato melody lines more staccato (and possibly less jarring when deviating from the original melody), etc.

Did you try using a VCA and ADSR after the Sample Player?

Yes, this is absolutely an option. The place where ‘end fade’ would become useful is when you have slices of varying lengths – with an ADSR it can be difficult to avoid having a slice ‘run out’ before the ADSR has run its course. To be honest, I haven’t run into a similar feature elsewhere, so this is just something I dreamt up and figured could be very useful :slight_smile:

I suspected that was the case :innocent: but I wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I will definitely consider this as well some more general mechanisms to get more “state” out of the Sample Player and in to your patch.

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