Sample player playing continiously


I faced a problem with sample player and I just can’t figure out what’s wrong in here.
I tried to search for answer from the forum and scroll the settings back and forth but the problem just doesn’t disappear.

So when I add sample player (native or basic) and try to play short oneshot samples, the sample will play repeatedly. When I assign the trigger same goes on, but only if the sample reaches its end before the next trigger.

It seems to be like loop playback and I just can’t figure out how to turn it off if it’s even possible. This could be some kind of brain fart from my side and i’m not even wondered if it is so!

Thank you! =)

Hello! Here is the secret key:

  • No slices --> loop forever
  • At least one slice --> one-shot

This is described in the Sample Player documentation:

Feel free to ask any other questions.


Thanks for fast respond and thank you for this module it’s awesome, I couldn’t imagine my suitcase without it anymore =) No outboard stuff needed when I’m on the road.


also, put a vca with an adsr after it if you don’t wanna hear the whole thing once you’ve sliced!

That’s not so fast way to work with drums. But for hihats i like to do this way