Sample player question

hi. I am trying to make a simple playback sampler for live use. I have manual gates.
Basically I need to start stop and possibly reset. Looked around the forum / videos / etc but still lost.

I can get the sample to start via the gates, but have to hold it down.
How to I turn the gate (fire) to toggle or latch?

I read about a custom gate unit, but cannot find it anywhere.

I’m guessing manual gates → gate toggle or latch. → sample start etc.


Hi Leon,
If you insert a Varispeed player, load a sample, and then send it a trigger, it’s default behavior should be to play the full extent of the sample without having to hold a gate high. Can you tell us a little more about what you have set up?

Hi Joe

Thanks for the tip (also been watching your videos, great resource, thanks!). I was rushing as I was trying to get it ready for a gig and had not used the er301 for a while.
I have bought Addac manual gates, I want to be able to assign some buttons to play back three backing tracks. Play, stop, reset. Fwd / RWD would be nice but not essential.
I will try tonight with the varispeed player and see how I get on.