Sample Player Slice Problem

Exciting times for me, with my new ER-301. I spent the first couple of days randomly stumbling around the Units, making crazy Chains and having my mind blown at random intervals.

Now though, I’m ready to go methodically through each page of the OS and examine every unit.

Today I looked at the Sample Player and I’m struggling with something basic.

I’m trying to trigger all 16 slices of a sample using a 16 step pattern from the ER-101.
The Sample Player’s CV-to-Slice Mapping option is set to 12TET.
The ER-101 is sending ascending semitones.
But, the Sample Player is playing some slices more than once, and skipping, randomly.

I made a video. Please excuse my initial shakiness and inability to think while looking through a phone screen. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks, I discovered!

I’m probably missing something obvious. Is there something else I could try?

I made some notes as I was exploring the Sample Player’s options…

  1. What is Interpolation Quality?
  2. What is Slice Polarity?
  3. What does Snap do on the Slice screen?
  4. When CV-to-Slice Mapping is set to Index, why doesn’t the slider go from 0 to X where X is the number of slices, rather than 0 to 1. Slices are discrete. I can’t select a position half-way between two slices - so it would make more sense, to me, to have the slider step through the slices.
  5. Play Extent. When this is set to Slice, as expected the Sample Player plays a single slice and then stops. When it is set to All, I expected the Sample Player to start at the Slice being triggered and then continue playing until triggered again. But what happens is that the sample is played from the beginning.


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Try adding a small delay to the triggers.


I thought the video was great by the way. Could be used as a tutorial. :laughing:

@justmat hit it on the nose. Whenever a patch cable is involved, it is imperative that you switch to analog thinking where nothing changes instantaneously. So in this case, you got caught by the fact that the pulse coming down your G1 cable is triggering your sample player while the voltage on A1 is still in the middle of ramping up or down to its target value.

The proper procedure is to place a uDelay unit on the incoming trigger and set its delay to just enough for consistent slice selection.


Thanks, both of you. This works for me. I actually remember seeing the post you linked, @justmat - but had forgotten and obviously didn’t search hard enough!

I’d still like to know what those menu options do @odevices. I would be happy to contribute to the Wiki and update this section.


Thank you for the offer! However, I’m waiting for the 0.3.xx firmware to stabilize before I write documentation for it which by the way will be soon (this month in fact). The current wiki documentation is frozen at v0.2.xx firmware. Working with the bleeding edge firmware is a double-edged sword.


Hey everyone, my first post here … :footprints:

I was looking for this topic as i had the same problem with my SHmk2 sequencer (fixed with 2ms udelay before trigs)
The only thing i would know is: it’s normal even in the 0.4.25 firmware which i upgraded today?

Yes, it is normal behavior and is not considered a bug. Adjusting for the timing mismatch (see figure below) between your sequencer’s trigger and CV signals is meant to be done using the uDelay unit.


Thanks for the visual feedback as always!
Of course not a bug, stupid question …
Today i found out something about the sequencers that i really never heard before, i thought it was me that i wasn’t able to tame your amazing module.

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