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Sample Player: Slicing Wish



Really? I do know about the slice on onset feature but it doesn’t work at all for clean multisample audio files with silence in between the samples. I know this has been discussed in several threads but I just wanted to know what the status is currently.


Ah, okay! Apologies – I’ve had success with it but it hasn’t been with typical ‘sample chains’, so it might not be good for your purpose at all, if your experience has been like that… :see_no_evil:


Also really hoping for this feature !


Slice to Division is available in the latest firmware :wink:


Oh yeah, I didn’t immediately realize Slice to Division could be used for this purpose! I kept focusing on this automatic zero crossing sort of auto-slicer because I didn’t prepare my samples to have time based divisions. But I definitely could do that, great!! Thanks @odevices


Not sure if this is currently available but I’d love to see a slice parameter in the UI of the samplers and but more so the granular samplers.
Having the ability to manually or using a gate, drop in slices during playback would be amazing.
Similar to the splice function on the morphagene.


That would be great to have that slice drop while playing functionality.