I’ve been thinking about the last few days as it is possible to copy a morphagene … I think it all works, the only thing I do not understand if it is possible I can make a folder where I play sample s randomly or by cv. … so a container with eg 5snare s 4kicks 6 tomtoms and play them one after the other. or random

You can (but don’t have to) put all the needed samples in a folder and then conveniently load them into memory as a multi-sample from the admin area. They will be neatly put together in one sliced sample and each separate one can be accessed by modulating the slice parameter. I don’t know how Morphagene works but if this is the only technical doubt you had I’m quite positive it should work.

If you wanna model the morphagene the only real tricky part is the “randomly shift up a 5th with overlapping slices” thing.

I’ve been meaning to make a morphagene unit, but I realized that most of the time I don’t use all features of the morphagene at once, so maybe a few separate units that model some of my/your use cases would be a more CPU friendly approach?