Sample playing and mixing workflow

I’ve been without the 301 for a while as I’m (un)settling with my caravan life.
Trying to imagine which is the easiest workflow regarding playing, mixing and possibly altering samples parameters.
One option is manual gates or keys for playing the samples, fh-1 with midi controller or offsets for mixing and offsets for manual parameters manipulation. I’m mostly interested in hands on workflow than automating tasks.Your workflow ideas?

I use a hodge podge of stuff depending on my goal, mood, etc.

A lot of times I use the Artruia Beatstep Pro. You can get a lot done with it, and it sits outside the euro case, which I kind of like. You can definitely play it manually (both triggers and note v/oct type stuff) and then sequence when you want to switch to that, as well as recording your sequence by playing it by hand. Or a combo of sequenced/hand played.

I use MI Frames for external offsets quite often. At times, feels like a waste of the module, but then sometimes having it in place inspires me to take advantage of some of it’s animation/framing capabilities.

I tend to use shuttle control when I’m playing a keyboard, particularly if I want a poly patch. There’s enough configurable outs there to set a midi controller up in a variety of ways. Split zones, poly, map to midi controllers. Similar to the FH-1 option probably.

Lately I’ve been liking monome Teletype with the i2c connection because you can control so much in the ER-301 without the spaghetti cable mess. It can be good for hands on as well as automation, but the hands on part is mostly via QWERTY keyboard (there’s a single PARAM knob you can program to suit). I didn’t think I’d like the QWERTY so much, but surprisingly, I do! If I can get my hands on a TELEXi or two, I think that’ll be even more awesome.

I guess I haven’t found a one-size-fits-all solution. I think an Intellijel Tetrapad would be a really nice “hands on” kind of pairing with the ER-301 too but haven’t had a chance to try one out yet. On my “someday” list…

Thanks Joe, I imagine a simple 8 track-samples with 8 faders and manual alteration of their parameters…