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Sample pool / available ram: quicksave


i think i don’t quite understand this ram thing with the er301.
i have a quicksave, three manual loops playing quite large audio files, but all loaded, some space left.
then i create basically the same structure for quicksave nr2 just with three different audio files, also large, but they fit. now i go back to quicksave nr1 and there’s no audiofile loaded in manual loop 3, i try loading it again but i can’t, there is not enough space it seems to load that into the pool, but it did before. now my question, a quicksave should have all available memory for the sample pool right? how come this quicksave nr2 somehow changed the available ram on quicksave nr1?
i had to shorten an audio file on quicksave 2, save that, go back to quicksave1 and reload the missing audio file which now could load… so the ram is linked between quicksaves, is that right?
excuse my possibly wrong terminology, i have only basic understanding of ram.


Are there any samples that are used by both quicksaves?


3 samples on quicksave1
3 different samples on quicksave2


any idea what the problem could be @odevices?