Sample pool / available ram: quicksave

i think i don’t quite understand this ram thing with the er301.
i have a quicksave, three manual loops playing quite large audio files, but all loaded, some space left.
then i create basically the same structure for quicksave nr2 just with three different audio files, also large, but they fit. now i go back to quicksave nr1 and there’s no audiofile loaded in manual loop 3, i try loading it again but i can’t, there is not enough space it seems to load that into the pool, but it did before. now my question, a quicksave should have all available memory for the sample pool right? how come this quicksave nr2 somehow changed the available ram on quicksave nr1?
i had to shorten an audio file on quicksave 2, save that, go back to quicksave1 and reload the missing audio file which now could load… so the ram is linked between quicksaves, is that right?
excuse my possibly wrong terminology, i have only basic understanding of ram.

Are there any samples that are used by both quicksaves?

3 samples on quicksave1
3 different samples on quicksave2

any idea what the problem could be @odevices?

Could you explain what you mean here? I’m not quite following.

I’m sorry, not an easy issue to explain,
I’ll try again:

as @kilchhofer I have several Quicksaves with the same structure made of manual loops or manual grains and for each Quicksave, I’ve selected different samples “from card”.

I’ve noticed that the Sample Pool, do not “purge” when switching Quicksave,
so If I’ve saved let’s say 10 Quicksaves during different working sessions,
and using a total amount of sounds exceeding the Sample Pool size,
some Quicksaves could be loaded without the needed samples.

What I’m asking is if there’s any option to “purge” the Sample Pool at any Quicksave
and load just the needed files for the loaded Quicksave in the sample pool.

Thanks so much.

i can chime in again since my issue hasn’t been solved back when i stumbled upon this problem.
if it’s the same problem as @EspeciallyBroccoli described, then quicksaves do not empty the available ram on the er301 when switching between them.

  • quicksave 1 uses 80% of available ram
  • quicksave 2 uses 40% of available ram

both should load with all assigned samples, but that’s not the case, in my case only the first loaded quicksave had all samples, when i then switched to the other quicksave it didn’t load all samples needed.

no sample duplicates.

hope that helps!


Thank you for chiming in @kilchhofer.

Now here is the weird thing. I thought I fixed your original problem awhile ago and in fact my test case is currently passing. Obviously this just means that my test case is not adequately capturing your problem.

My test case…

Quicksave 1:
OUT1: 216MB sample attached to Raw Player.
OUT2: 199MB sample attached to Variable Speed Player.

Quicksave 2:
OUT1: 4MB sample attached to Raw Player.
OUT2: 78MB sample attached to Variable Speed Player.

I can switch between these quicksaves with no problems. I should note that when switching there is a period of time that players will continue to play their previously attached samples while the next samples are loading from the SD card. However, you are waiting until all the samples have fully loaded right (i.e. there is no ‘P’ for pending next to the sample in the Sample Pool)?

just to clarify, the quicksaves i used are no longer in operation, i deleted everything after this specific project; so i can’t check if the current firmware would behave differently.

the playing of the previously attached sample after quicksave change wasn’t that much of a problem, but the volume jumps were. it played the old sample but through the new chains, could that be?
i then saved the quicksaves while the outputs were muted, that made switching easier.

i don’t remember the total available ram on the er301, but i remember that quicksave 1 alone was already almost at maximum. quicksave 2 the same. to explain again the creation of these quicksaves, when i made quicksave 2, i didn’t load QS1 before, so all memory must have been completely empty.
now the only thing that helped in my case was to use the card player instead of another sample player on quicksave2.

I can confirm that I have the same behavior described by @kilchhofer with 0.4.25 48kHz firmware:
after switching a bunch of quicksaves, my sample pool still contain all the samples previously loaded
and it’s not automatically purging like expected.

Were the quicksaves made with v0.4.25?

the original quicksave is probably 0.4.23 but re-saved with 0.4.25
and all the subsequent derivative quicksave are saved with 0.4.25

I’m still unable to replicate this bug. Could I have please have more details about the 2 quicksaves?