Sample pool feature request

Hi, Perhaps this feature has been requested before, if so I’m sorry, feel free to delete or move the post if needed… :slight_smile:

When experimenting with the sample players I often want to try various samples before I find something that works. Sometimes it’s just a bass drum in a varispeed player or sometimes a much longer sample sequenced in a Manual loop player. At the moment this involves a lot of forth and back operations between the unit view and the sample menu, imho perhaps this workflow could be improved.

In the “sample pool” accessed from a player menu, it might save some time to have the possibility to attach one of its samples to the active player without leaving the sample pool view. On top of that having the possibility to preview the sample in full length/unsequenced/unaffected by the sample player settings (speed etc) could be useful too.

Something like:

  • Original sample preview - pressing M1 would play/preview the full sample unsequenced/uneffected. (I am talking about the sample pool view, not the load sample view :wink: )

  • Preview in context - pressing M2 would attach the sample to the player without leaving the sample pool view and one could immediately listen to this sample sequenced in its player without going back to the unit view and having to dive into the menu several times.

M3 and M4 could be assigned to some other shortcuts, current sample operations (normalize for example ?) or direct access to the sample edit menu ?



Yes! I was thinking about this last night, actually. That would be excellent for building up drum kits, for instance. :slight_smile:

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If I may add another Sample pool feature request: If several units are sharing the same sample/buffer, it would be great to swap this sample for all these units simultaneously with one command. Perhaps something like a “sample container” (share container with several units, swap container content: done!).