Sample preview volume?

So I’m currently in a situation where I don’t have any volume control in between the ER-301 and my headphones. Everything would be all fine and dandy, as I can just use a VCA to drop volume to my personal preference, but unfortunately I will break my eardrums when previewing a sample for any of the sample devices.

Is there something that could be done to adjust the volume of the sample previews? Or to lower the overall output level of the module?


I aggressively agree with the concept of a universal output attenuation setting.


i like the combination of both ideas:

  • being able to adjust sample preview level
  • as well as an independent master volume control.

i like the idea of setting the overall output (though i never had
problems with it) but i don’t want to have to change levels each time
i switch from sample preview to performance mode…

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i just remembered that i asked for this in 2017:

time goes by so fast :open_mouth:


maybe an option to activate something like csounds opcode balance or a very “coarse” version of it,
ie: having the sample auditioning level automatically adjusted to have the same LUFS playback level than the last LUFS integrated value of whatever sound was coming out of the channel(s) designed by usage as “being currently monitored”. Oh, i wouldn’t want to implement this ^^’


Albeit cool idea, I’d be perfectly happy with just a software attenuation of the signals in settings menu. That could be also simple enough that you’d know where to look if the volume is too low.

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@odevices sorry for the tag, but I was just wondering if you could give a quick thumbs up or down for this? Is it easy to implement or way harder than we think and thus shouldn’t be expected? This would just be a magnificent quality of life -feature for us headphone users.

I give it a quick thumbs up. I’ll try to get it (or the equivalent) in v0.5.


Thank you very much!

Sorry for bothering again, but I’ve been out of the forum and out of using the module, so just wanted to ask was anything done to this in the last updates?