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Sample Scanner


Haha, that’s my twisted brain. “Applications : Scan a Sample with CV” i read “Scan a Sample OF CV”.

Ok, that’s interesting. So what I had in mind is not possible : I wanted to try to use a counter to access the samples one-by-one. This way the Sample Scanner could be used as a table of values. That was the original idea in fact.


If you “oversample” your table then it could work. Also the zoom problem would not occur. Recreate the sample but this time oversample (on your PC) the 16 values by 64x so that the sample has a final length of 1024.


Twisted brains are useful! I’ve revised that sentence.

Also, in the next release, I’ll add an option to turn off interpolation in the Sample Scanner.


I’ll do 1024-sample files then. Thanks for allowing to disable interpolation !
I’m considering making a Max/MSP app to create files to be read this way. Could be fun !


please share it if you do! i’m a n00b at max but enjoying the ride very much! (i just created my first audio visualizer in jitter and i’m amazed by what i was able to do in two days messing with simple jitter objects and a jit.catch~ :smiley: )
every stimuli is very important for me right now, and if i can also use it in conjunction with my 301,then wow!