Sample slices minimum size?

Hi there,
I’d like to know what is the minimum size of a slice.
Indeed, can we go lower than proper micro time (even if we enter into digital artifacts domain) ?

At the moment, slices do not have a size. They mark a point in time. However, if you are asking about the precision of slice placement then it is currently 8 samples.

–Technical Details–
The internal resolution of this time is naturally down to the individual sample. HOWEVER! The UI doesn’t yet let you pinpoint individual samples (yet) because the maximum zoom is 4 samples per pixel and on top of that the the cursor is moving 2 pixels at a time, so that is a maximum precision of 8 samples from the point of view of the UI. Providing a zoom level where single samples extend further than one pixel column is not difficult at all, but just requires a different drawing algorithm than the algorithm used when multiple samples occupy a single column of pixels.

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Hi Brian, and thanks a lot for your answer.
It means we can have slices very tiny, so, as soon as I can loop tiny slices (eventually overdub different slices), it is good for my sample manipulations.

Was there an update to the drawing algorithm allowing a slice to go down to a single sample?