Sample slicing guidance

Hi. Is there a good resource for learning the ER-301 slicer controls? I’m working my way through them. I looked at @NeilParfitt’s excellent videos, and I’m not sure I’ve found clarification on each of the commands and settings. Much appreciated.

Are there some in particular you had questions about?

I don’t think they’ve all been documented yet if you’re looking for some kind of reference.

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Thanks so much. I’ll get some questions together and share them here. Last night there was a lot of audio at the start of a sample I’d recorded live, and I couldn’t seem to shift-left to cut it. It’s possible some of my inability is because interface language is ported over from other sample-slice tools, like an MPC or a 404, that I should be more familiar with. Anyhow, thanks. I’ll ask some more specific questions this evening or tomorrow.

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The shift-left cut op should have done what you expect. I just tested it on 0.4.11. Which firmware?

It’s not a particularly destructive operation. It will only modify the buffer in memory unless you use the file ops lower in the menu to save or save as. And there’s a revert option that can undo it.

Thanks for having given it a try. Mine is on 0.4.11, too. I’ll try again shortly. I was recording guitar in, not that it matters.

Yeah, that did become clear, that until I save the audio hasn’t actually been permanently affected. Much appreciated.

Actually, maybe this is the clue? For example, maybe you used the Pedal Looper unit to record, then exported the loop to a sample buffer. You trimmed the buffer but then got confused because the contents of the Pedal Looper did not reflect your edits?

Thanks. I recorded using one of the channels in the 6 Track Recorder, and then saved the file to the card, and then used the slicer on the file. I’m going to try to recreate it. Been a long day, so it’ll probably be tomorrow.

Belated note. Got a bad cold after posting, and then had to dig myself out. Fortunately, I have yet to be able to repeat the (perceived) error I was experiencing. I’m using this trimming function a lot right now, so if it happens again I’ll report back.