Sample slicing/play from cursor?

apologies if this is a dumb question but i couldn’t find an answer in the wiki or the forum…
(or when i double click the sampler playback options or the slice menu)

Only just getting some free time now since it arrived to dig in and learn things!!

I’m slicing a sample, i’m triggering it with an external gate… Loving it…
But is there a way to play from cursor location each time i trigger the sample?
Each time i retrigger it plays from the beginning of the sample…

What i’m trying to achieve is scrolling around through the sample and auditioning by ear (and eyes) where the slice start time will be before i commit to making a slice. The way i am doing it now just eyeballing slices is great for material with transients in it but for less obvious waveforms it’s sort of trial and error.

Have you tried the S1 button to trigger the sample manually while in the slice view? I’m not in front of my ER-301 but doing so should suppress any external triggering of the unit until you leave the slice view.


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The S1 button works to trigger the sample, i’m still able to trigger the sample with my external gate in this view however. Which is great - I do want to be able to trigger it, but both my external trigger and the S1 key play the sample from the beginning of the sample…

I’m looking for a way to have the sample trigger from where i have the cursor set so that i can hunt through the sample and hear “where” in the sample I am, in order to make a slice… Is that an option?

The other way to achieve what i’m after would be just set an arbitrary slice and shift it to the right place… Is there a way to edit single slices like this? (when working with multiple slices, “shift slices” moves them all at the same time) Or do they have to be deleted and re-placed?

Hmm this used to work but I guess I broke it. Here is a workaround for now:

  1. Set Play Extent to all.
  2. Set the threshold on the trig parameter to something high (like 1) to temporarily prevent it from triggering.
  3. Press fire on the trig parameter (to deactivate the last slice).

Now, S1 (rewind) in the slice view will play from the cursor.

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Ah thanks!!
This sort of works, but only to the left of the slices… If i press S1 with the cursor to the right of the slice i have made, the playhead moves to the point where the cursor is, but does not play. Also, even though I have the play duration set to “once” and play extent set to “all” it is looping during this playback.

scrap that, i tried it again with a different buffer and it seems to be playing both sides of the splice. cheers!!