Sample triggering gating another sample?

thanks @Joe so much for the tutorials! finally got around to setting up a sample player drum kit, with the low latency OS seems to mesh NICELY with other triggered drum module bits.

but curiouuuuus - how would i set up one sample to choke off another? ie - open high hat sample cutting off when a closed high hat sample is triggered?


hmm… Unipolar VCA after the open hat sample player with level set to offset=1 controlled by an ADSR with gain=-1 listening for the same trigger that triggers the closed hat?


hurrrrrrm. i’m listening.

would the VCA open back up or would i need to send an Open Please when the open hi hat is triggered?

the VCA is open by default (level offset=1). it is controlled by the ADSR with negative gain so the configuration of the envelope will determine how VCA will open. It will be fully open as soon as the release stage is complete.

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