Sampler/slice function

Hi I have a question/request :slight_smile:
After cv selecting slices with the high gate option on, upon releasing the gate
to have the sample been played to the end…Possible?

To end as in “stop” or “end” as in play to the end of the slice?

Currently the latter happens on gate low.

To end as the end of the whole sample no matter the slices…

@odevices posisible?

I don’t think so. :thinking:

What are you trying to do musically?

hmm what is musically…maybe to keep the flow of the sample
so after releasing the gate play has to stop at the end of the slice always…
I like the monome grid mlr app which does that…

Sorry. I guess “musically” is a naughty word these days. I meant “compositionally”.

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ah yes i see what you mean and how it could be interesting, especially with drum loops.
this is something i used a lot on trackers. i used to trigger the loop with a simple sample offset (using it as a sort of “slice” system) to choose which part of the drum loop to trigger (e.g.: 00=starts from the kick, 20=start from the snare, 30=start from the high hat)and then it would play until the end of the sample if not retriggered before.
@odevices if it’s feasible i would recommend implementing it, every jungle\breakbeat\breakcore fan would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Would it be accurate to say that compositionally you are playing with loops and their phase offsets? In other words, accessing more rhythmic relationships by rotating one loop (or more) against some back beat. Or perhaps, you trying to get the sampler to act like a turntable?

My intuition tells me that if I just go ahead and implement the option as you guys have requested. It will be somewhat short-sighted and limited. I don’t know where the request is coming from at a fundamental level, so I want to understand better where it is coming from so we can avoid building a scary Frankensteinesque sampler unit. Assume I have only a passing familiarity with breakbeat.

yes i think the turntable metaphor is perfect. another way it might be implemented is overlapping slices.
if i slice a sample choosing the start of each slice carefully but leaving all slice ends = sample end then we have the same behaviour

This immediately points to the creation of a separate unit specifically for turntable manipulations. Slices are not even the right abstraction. I suppose turntables really use cue points right? And there is the whole “grab-and-release” aspect.

yes but i think a feature like “overlapping slices” would be really useful. especially now that we have the clocked sample player.
is it somehow difficult to implement? i see it requires a change in interface. where now you just define slice “points” in my variant you would have to define slice “regions”, needing two variables for each slice (slice start + slice end OR slice start + slice duration)

i’d like to add that how slices are implemented now is more like “cue points” then real slices.

I think you mean how slices are selected is like cue points, right? Their implementation is very much slice-oriented.

:thinking: I’m not trying to avoid work…


the way they are defined more than the way they are selected. i mean: a slice is a region that has a start and a duration. sometimes you can define the start only (like in this case, and the slice end is automatically the next slice start) and sometimes the start and the duration of the slices are available to edit, enabling the use of overlapping slices.
but yes, they are slices. a cue point is more like what the OP talked about.

ahahhahaha of course!!! i know how much effort you put into this amazing module <3
i meant if there were technical difficulties i ignore (like in the case of the overlapping of record head and play head on multiple buffers or stuff like that)

I could be wrong but I think technically it is an easy addition to implement. I just feel unsure about this being the appropriate place for it. So I am looking for more details on the music-making side.

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in fact from a UX point of view having to define start and end might be a bit of a fun stopper for the cases where one just wants to define points in a long field recording…now you can just listen and enjoy your recording and tap the button when needed without even looking at the displays…
and given the attention to detail and workflow and ergonomicity you put in the development of this firmware i see why little things like this have to be ponderated without hurry

are you guys talking about how an old sampler works, more than a turntable?

Where you record a long snippet into memory, then assign it to a bunch of pads, each pad has its own start/end and you can press or play more than one pad at a time, they don’t cut each other off (unless set in ‘cut groups’). Changing the master sample effects all pads who are using that sample. The play options the OP mentions would be for the pads trigger mode, to play through the end of the start/end points, loop, play only while held (gate), retrigger on press etc.

on the 301 we just need to use a bunch of different sample players (one per ‘pad’) looking at the same saved sample. I guess it could be collapsed somehow into one player, is that what’s being talked about?