Samples Failing to Load in Pool (possibly due to cross-version Quicksaves)

Possible bug, though I’m still investigating.

I have a bunch of samples that used to load fine in 0.3.x, which I can no longer load in v0.4.06. I get the “Failed to parse. Please send this file to me for analysis.” message from the Sample Pool > Load Samples screen. At other points loading samples directly into units (e.g. Manual Grains > Select from Card) the 301 doesn’t display any warnings, and the sample doesn’t load.

Standard 44 / 16 or 44 / 24 .wav files, though I’ll check more closely and report in…

TEST RESULTS (as I do them)

Restored firmware v0.4.03 and problem samples loaded fine.

Restored firmware v0.4.06 and now samples loaded fine. Dang.

I was originally working with a Quicksave slot prepared prior to v0.4.06 and then loaded in v0.4.06, so maybe that was the cause. I’ll see if I can replicate…

OK, yep, that’s something to do with it. The Quicksave slot has only one fairly simple chain in it, based around a Manual Grains unit. The Sample Pool happens to have a dozen samples in it, but only one actually used by the Manual Grains. Attempting to add anything to the Sample Pool gives me the parsing error.

Deleting the Manual Grains unit doesn’t help.

Clearing the Sample Pool (via Purge Unused) DOES help.

So it feels like the Sample Pool isn’t getting restored correctly by the Quicksave load process perhaps. A bit strange, as I watched the Sample Pool load each sample into the pool fine, one by one, after loading the Quicksave.

Next test : saved the chain under a new Quicksave slot (after purging unused samples) and all seems to behave normally. That somewhat confirms my suspicion that this is something to do with the Quicksave Sample Pool loading process when the Quicksave was from a prior firmware version.

I’ll keep an eye on things.