Samples play back sound like an home made 8 bit card from an amiga system

newbie here
I just loaded a bunch of samples that come from the library of Ableton Live on the sd card and are trying to play them back whit different units from the ER-301
The sound comes out of each unit (also from the preview player in the load section) whit a terrible bitcrushing effect and allot of noise added.

Same thing happens as I record and play back something directly inside the ER-301

Am I doing something wrong?

using firmware 0.4.11

What does the Sine Oscillator sound like?

Same bitcrushing sound

What is the model/make of your power solution?
What board revision do you have for the ER-301? Rev 7 or 10? If revision 7, then are you using the REG setting?

How do I find it out? I recieved the unit from OT just before chiristmas.

It is written on the back of the module. Who is OT?

Sorry: OD (you)

Ah ok then you have revision 10 then.

The problem persists after rebooting?
What is your power make and model?
Is the cable connecting the ER-301 to your audio output making a good connection?

checked the cables. It seems I have a broken channel on my audio card. Really never used more than one output since i was still learning the unit. Damn Uli! Just got this ultragain to expand my channels and after not even a month allready to send back. :frowning:

Sorry for wasting your time. :sweat:

No problem at all! Good luck with getting your audio interface sorted out. A faulty channel on an audio card is certainly a rare occurrence.

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