Heya smart folks! Anyone here tried to attempt a saturation unit? Thinking it could be handy with our new feedback powers…

Have you checked out the Limiter unit?



and just In case it’s not already obvious to you,
i strongly recommend two or even more limiters in series :face_with_monocle:
(especially hard->inv.squr)


Suddenly I feel like I’ve been underutilizing the Limiter. :slight_smile:


Seconded. :smiley:

You certainly don’t have to feel that way. But since you are
one of the videophiles in this forum, why won’t you
“boldly go where no man has gone before” and
try a visual essay on the topic of
"Why you can never have too many Limiters in an ER-301-Patch"?
I am certainly not the only person who would love to see this…:grinning:


I know it’s just a silly typo.
But I love the fact that it made me think of:

  1. The Sun

As in, what would sauration be? To sun something? …


  1. Carlos Saura (Sauration meaning being exposed to Saura’s amazing films…)

Anyway> Really, I don’t mean this to be a way of pointing out the mistake: just sharing how in mysterious ways one can be prompted to respond to things differently: the intention being entirely different from the outcome. Or the function being expanded by an alternative perception.

Maybe, in the end not unlike the limiter becoming a saturator?



Nice findings! :grinning:

And interesting associations. It made me think if sauration might be to sound what solarisation is in photography as both are effects that occur by reaching the limits of the physical medium. Sauration would cover sound and vision then. But thinking about it a little more, solarisation seems to be more like wave folding. I will keep contemplating it while traveling to work now… :thinking:


honestly, my very first association was

but this morning i had this phantasy. i was imagining how @Joe’s video essay on Sauration
would turn out. and at the end of that masterpiece he announced that he would try to
cast some of his findings into specialized sauration units that would sit nicely in our
/libs folders… :expressionless:

his bespoke bpf is exceptionally usefull for sauration!
and if you’d try to saurate a hot oscillator on one of the hardware inputs
(which i mostly place in global chains) also try Joe’s other bespoke animals.
hot-input->fixed hpf@13Hz->overdriven hard-limiter->ladder hpf@above 40Hz->flanger->bespoke bpf->slightly overdriven inv.sqr-limiter->slightly underdriven inv.sqr.
then you’ll set the desired volume at the output of the last limiter, which is -6dB in my case.
and then you’ll play the infinite game of gain staging and modulation on all the other units.
(i.e. i leave the last two limiters mostly alone in order to achieve a mostly consistent volume at the end of the chain, though the dynamic range might vary pretty drastically.)

returning to the initial question of the OP (@Rob),
i’d say i do have some units that qualify as sauration units.
but since Brian asked us to

I decided to share the recipe mentioned above instead…
(and somehow encourage those guys, who could give the world
sauration units for the /libs folder which probably will survive the
overhaul of custom units ?!?) :pensive:

Well the typo shall not be changed until we have/make our Saurator custom unit then :sunglasses:

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