Save unit as complete oscillator

I would like to be able to recall an oscillator unit, like for example : a mixer unit with three mixers, each mixer with its own set of sample player with a certain wave loaded in to it, a VCA / and LFO for each oscillator. Is It possible to make this but also when loading it, load also the wave sample that was originally assigned to the sample players on the unit with their respective settings also ?


Best to create a custom unit, and add all the appropriate units of your oscillator within :slight_smile:

Then, you can save that custom unit as a preset, and load it up whenever you need…

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Awesome, that is really a killer feature, specially if you can reload the samples automatically. I’ll go for my first preset tomorrow morning thanks Neil


Also - i you LOVE whatever it is you made, and you want to use it as a permanent starting setup, you can save the preset in the ‘chooser’ folder, and this will be a selectable unit item in the master list!

amazing i’m in to it right now, making a super saw :boom: … Neil just a quickie … how do I clone / duplicate a unit with all its underlying units, etc ? I want to stack the same oscillator many times it would be amazing to copy paste …

so far, that’s not an option.

However, if you save the preset of IE: a mixer channel with a single full oscillator within, you can then add voice #2 by adding another mixer channel and loading the same preset to create a 2nd, 3rd… voice.

or… if you’ve saved your custom unit preset, simply add another channel mixer, add a custom unit and then load your custom unit’s “oscillator” preset that you created.

Okay, got you. That option would be really cool to exist. Copying and pasting units ! :heart_eyes:

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I’d be into that too!

Where is this chooser folder?I have a unit that id like to have on the unit selection menu but I can’t seem to figure this out. Cheers!

That is an old idea that was abandoned. Instead now you can access your saved unit presets via the presets browser of the unit selection screen. It remembers the last folder so if you save your unit presets in one place they will be even more efficiently available.

Ah I see, makes sense! Thought I was going crazy overlooking the solution haha