Saving Preference

Hi Brian,

Could there be a Global on/off preference in admin, for when saving presets and quicksaves, the audio engine or DSP load would be stopped during the save, and then re-engaged upon completion?

On setups near the brink of max CPU >90%, saves are taking minutes to complete… I’ve been waiting over 5minutes so far and it’s not done yet… :head_bandage:



Hmm. Looking into this…its more likely that it froze. Did you have a chance to see the kernel memory usage before you started the save?

The reason why I am saying that I think it froze is because since a few months ago I introduced a watchdog process that monitors whether the audio processing is starving the GUI or saving processes. The audio process is then automatically stalled in the event that the GUI or saving processes are not getting a reasonable amount of CPU cycles to keep the ER-301 responsive.

Loading it up again now… Critical Load (at 48k) - 85% - kernel memory is halfway,

The save operation did eventually complete. I didn’t have to pull power or anything like that.

Is it possible to get a copy of the preset or quicksave file for analysis?

Sure thing! I’m out of the studio for the night but I’ll get it to you over the weekend.

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