Saving reference table

Hi there,
I don’t get to save a reference table. I follow this instructions:
To save a track’s voltage table as a user reference table:

  1. Focus the track containing the voltage table that you wish to save.
  2. Set the TABLE switch to A or B depending on which table that you wish to save. 3. Press the focus button for the INDEX display and thereby select the voltage table. 4. Press the COPY button.
  3. Now set the TABLE switch to the REF position.
  4. Select the destination for your table with the RIGHT knob.
  5. Press the INSERT button to save your table.
  6. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as desired.
  7. Press the COPY button again when you are done.

But if I press I insert in step 7, it says copy on the screen and nothing happen. Anybody know what I do wrong? Thanks a lot

It sounds like you tried to save over one of the builtin reference tables. You can only save to the user reference tables: Usr1-8.

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