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Scale Quantizer Unit

The unit is nice and clear, but : i rarely want to use a preset when i use a pitch quantizer. I’d like to manually select each note.
What i propose is :

display a keyboard in the contextual screen
scroll through the 12 notes with the Knob
Enable/disable each note with Enter.


Scala file import support is also coming soon.


That’s nice too !


I’d love to see another view (alternate to what’s there) where I can manually select notes)


on a side note that lovely visual representation of what its doing was a really nice surprise. I’d love to see more of that type stuff in other units.

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It was fun making the pitch wheel graphic but the whole time I also felt guilty because there was 10 other more essential things I should have been doing.


Only thing that’s essential is making yourself happy!


i agree with all above statements! love the pitch wheel, would enjoy note input ability (without *.txt editing!) and would like visual feedback on other units if that happened (although it could be a resource hog so maybe not?)
anyways, played with the quantizer last night with freeverb and loved it!!!


Really enjoying this unit, it’s most welcome in my workflow. Though up to this point I was also enjoying Joe’s approach with creating personal scales out of recorded cv into a sampler…and slicing it to bits :slight_smile: The pitch wheel is quite the looker, nice touch!

I’m very excited by the prospect of a 4 channel microtonal quantizer.

Can I somehow be notified when the scala file compatability for the 301 arrives?

Really hoping it comes soon, but I know how it goes.

Patiently awaiting,



And also yes: +1 on the user configurable 12 tones/octave scale in the interface instead of presets.

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From muffwiggler:

"The ER-301 has DC-coupled inputs but it does not have DC-coupled outputs. This means it can quantize for its own internal use but it cannot output those quantized voltages in a way that an external module can use.

So, no it cannot be used as a quantizer."

I’m assuming this is correct.

But you can quantize internally.

Yes but i hoped to use the 301 as a quantizer for external oscillators!

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Yeah, the ER-301 is not a cv outputting device, which is was an intentional design from the beginning. You may want to check out ornament and crime… not sure if it does microtonal, but it offers a lot of cv processing algorithms, one of which is a quad-quantizer.

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O_C does do microtonal scales :+1:

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I’d personally like to see both - presets are handy, sometime I want finite control.


+1 for the keyboard screen to enable/disable note



ok i select the mode i want (major, minor, pentatonic etc…)
but HOW do i set the root note of the scale?

With your oscillator.