Scale Quantizer: Wish

I’m longing for a seperate trigger out, sent when the unit’s ‘change of note’ for a set scale occurs. If this was available in locals or globals or ‘special’ i could just imagine some really interesting musical possibilities! (and also CV control of the scale)




Some ideas here

+1 this would be a great addition.

Would also like the ability to define notes

Gentle bump on external control of the scale select. This could also be really useful (and fun) with different pinsets! :drooling_face:


Bumpaty bump for CV control of the scale!

The music mayhem would be glorious! :slight_smile:

This is definitely possible in the DSP layer. Right now the scale quantizer loads a brand new scale every time you switch, so some clever coding would be required to store them all beforehand to allow rapid switching.

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