Scannable Harmonic Oscillator — in middle layer this time

Hi. Just finished rewriting my old custom unit in Lua, with a lot of corrections / improvements on the way. It’s still “inspired by” a certain Eurorack module but it works better now I think!

many thanks @odevices and @tomf for your incredible help. I learned a lot!

Here’s the description, mostly from the old thread:

Controls should be pretty self explanatory — ‘center’ scans through harmonics, ‘width’ sets the width of each frequency band (bands have to overlap for smooth scanning), ‘xfade’ controls bands’ crossfading, ‘fdbk’ controls the sine oscillators’ ‘feedback’, and individual harmonics levels faders are present.
If the “center” control is centered, let’s say, around the 2nd harmonic, then that harmonic’s level will be maxed out already and the fader labeled “2” will have no effect. This is intentional and analogous to the behavior of the controls on the Frap Tools Fumana that I own.

I exposed all the inlets of SineOscillator() that made sense in this context. So phase modulation is here too (and sounds great!)
I tried paginating the interface but I sort of prefer it all at the same level — however suggestions are welcome!

CPU: ~15%

harmonic-0.0.2.pkg (4.7 KB)

Github is here


Thank you Joe! Rocked this thing for like four hours straight last night; love it.


I’m happy you like it! :slight_smile:

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I’d like to add that I was one of those downloaders in the first few hours after you posted this and have given it a drive around the ol’ synth and enjoyed the view.

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thanks, there was a couple things that i missed in the first version, it might be worth to redownload it (especially, in 0.0.1 the right channel in a stereo situation would not go through limiter, that ought to sound ugly lol)

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that reminds me that i perhaps gotta use tomf’s tanh instead of limiter.


beautiful unit @joe_biomassa !!

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I tried this last night and i like it. Thanks for making this.

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Also available on the hub:
Scannable Harmonic Oscillator - ER-301 hub


many thanks! next time i’ll figure how to do it on my own, this time it’s, well, complicated.

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