SCM Unit/Tricks?

hello there all!

might be SUPER PREMATURE to be posting, my ER-301 isn’t scheduled to ship for another week, but i have QUESTIONS. because i am SO DAMNED EXCITED.

i would really like to emulate having a 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier in the 301. is there a Unit for that? or some way to set that up?


There isn’t a unit that i know of but you could probably make a custom unit using a sequential switch unit or bump scanner and some tap tempo units. Id also have a look at Joes Bespoke units, might be useful. hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

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the new Carousel Clock Divider is very similar to the RCD by 4ms. maybe you can borrow some ideas from there and build your own.

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awesome! will check those out!


wonnnnderful! a place to start! thanks!

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