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SCM Unit/Tricks?


hello there all!

might be SUPER PREMATURE to be posting, my ER-301 isn’t scheduled to ship for another week, but i have QUESTIONS. because i am SO DAMNED EXCITED.

i would really like to emulate having a 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier in the 301. is there a Unit for that? or some way to set that up?



There isn’t a unit that i know of but you could probably make a custom unit using a sequential switch unit or bump scanner and some tap tempo units. Id also have a look at Joes Bespoke units, might be useful. hope that helps a little :slight_smile:


the new Carousel Clock Divider is very similar to the RCD by 4ms. maybe you can borrow some ideas from there and build your own.


awesome! will check those out!


wonnnnderful! a place to start! thanks!