Scope view screen shot feature request

Hi Brian, I was thinking over a patch away from the 301 and thought an image of a scope view of all the routings might be useful.

Would this be feasible? I understand the current implementation of shift-cancel screenshot is WYSIWYG. Perhaps another way to save a stitched view of the entire scope? I’d be interested in your and everyone’s thoughts.


I hope what you are asking is an image of the entire scope view for the whole environment. If so: I wholeheartedly agree: it would be great to have that as a reference, a learning tool, a way to “save” some particularly useful configurations etc.

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Absolutely. Sorry I wasn’t more succinct! It might be another way to share patches without saving and loading custom units and presets. I find I learn through building myself!

ooo this would be pretty awesome, if feasible!

Great Idea! A thread full of shared patch pics would be a fantastic resource to learn how things work and how people use the ER-301. It also might be easier to talk about patches based on pictures.

Would be awesome!

I’ve already tried once and failed but I’ll try again at some point. :bowing_man:


Thank you!
I just want to say SCOPE is amazing, and this extra feature/aspect of it would just be more like an icing on the cake… not a necessity!
We are just a greedy bunch!