Scrubbing live audio (DJ style scratching)

Is there a custom unit already out there or is it possible to use ER-301 to take incoming audio and scrub backwards through it in real time, like scratching a turntable? I’m imagining using Planar 2 to scrub through the audio and use its gate function to control the mix with Axys, a stereo crossfader.

Something like this?

EDIT: I missed the “incoming audio” part, so this doesn’t qualify as it’s playing back a sample…


Yeah, that would work! How’d you do that?

It’s a while ago this unit! I believe it was pretty simplistic, and really depended upon the fast CV motions of the Pyramid touch plate. This CV connects to the speed of the sample player probably ranging between 2 and -2. moving left and right on the touch plate in the way I’m doing in the video sounds a bit like scrubbing or scratching the audio. You could also do this with an Intellijel Planar or a sweet sixteen / 16n Faderbank. In the case of the demo, I liked the fact that the audio starts playing at the random speed it’s left after “scratching”, creating different audio textures, but you could also build in a motion detector that resets the play speed back to 1 if you like that better.

i think this post contains the general recipe for scrubbing live audio. though it’s (still) not about
a ready to go custom unit you could save your results to a custom unit yourself so you can reuse