Sd card architecture / noob questions

Hey there!
Thanks for stepping by…!
I’m on v4.20…
I got Joe’s Accent ensemble working perfectly (I think) and,
just found out how to get custom units to work. Great!

I don’t really get the front sd card architecture,
why custom unit are in: ER-301/v0.4/preset/custom unit? why not in libs?
What libs stand for opposed to library?
What should I drop in library? My samples?
What’s that folder Units for? And it’s Custom-units subfolder?

I think I need a little help on how to clean my room properly
sorry if it’s explain in the wiki, I struggle with manuals…

Thanks a lot

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Excellent, hope you enjoy them!

libs (libraries) is for lower level units. Such as Accents. Right now only middle layer units are available to us but someday, I assume the code for lower level c++ layer units might go in here too, once that SDK is opened up. Really, you can drop custom units (or any UI layer patch) anywhere you like. They can be loaded from anywhere you can browse to, so you’re welcome to override the default structure if you want to.

I like dropping my samples in a folder called samples off of sd-root/ER-301. But like UI layer units, you can load a sample from any location you can browse to, including another SD card. As far as I know, only bespoke/middle layer units have to go in a specific location (ER-301/libs).

Not sure on that one. You can save a unit preset for any kind of unit, and typically it will create a folder based on the type of unit its based on (e.g. mixer-channel). I guess units might be for anything that isn’t recognized (e.g. maybe a unit from Accents?) But that’s just a guess. Not sure I’ve used that folder.

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