SD card - failed to mount

Was using the 301 earlier and on doing a quicksave the sound computer couldn’t access the SD card. The SD card was not in the slot, it was in another pc computer where I left it last night. So I got the card and on the 301 flicked the switch to eject thinking it would be safe to mount. But it said failed to mount!

So I was thinking. Is it safe to put the card in and after, switch to user. Will the card mount?

Shouldn’t that switch have been in the eject position when you removed the card earlier?

No. I removed the card when the 301 was powered down so didn’t need to eject. But then going back to the sound computer next day, I forgot about the card, built a new chain using standard units and only when wanting to save the work did sound computer say no! What do you think, safe to pop it in the eject switch?

@joncharliefeathers In your posts above, I can’t tell if computer means PC or ER-301 Sound Computer. Could you please clarify?


So it fails to mount in the ER-301 after you had it in your PC?

Mounting means:

  • Turning the ER-301 on with an SD card in the slot and the switch is NOT in eject.
  • The ER-301 is already on and moving the switch from eject to admin or user with an SD card in the slot.

If I turn the 301 on and there is no SD card in the front slot, can I then, later, plug the card in whilst its operating. Providing it’s switched from USER to EJECT and even though the display says FAILED TO MOUNT.

Yes, you can mount the card while it is operating like I said here:

The act of moving the switch from EJECT to admin or user will attempt to mount the card. The act of moving the switch to EJECT will unmount the card. If that is not very clear (it seems we are having a communication problem :wink:) then you might try reading this:

and let me know if that clears up your question.

Thanks @odevices, thats it. It’s always safe even if the card wasn’t in the slot when the 301 booted. It will mount the drive successfully.