SD card read only?

I don’t want to format because I think it has software on there and a specific file structure to talk properly to the 301. I want to be able to mount this on my computer to put my own samples on it. Is this possible?

The one that ships with it is not read only and was meant for you to add things to. I am referring to the front side card, by the way. You wouldn’t want to mess with the rear SD card.

I am referring to the one on the front, it seems to be read only for some reason on my computer

I’m not in front of mine right now. Does it have one of those little sliding write protect switches that might have gotten moved?

Good idea but, ive checked the physical lock on it already

Im using mac but have paragon NTSF installed which has never given me read/write issues with all pc formats of formatting. I have tried many different variations of pushing it in different ways with no success getting it to show as writeable. :confused:

Make a backup of the SD card.

Then you can format the card, reinstall the firmware and then copy your data back.

You can’t break anything by formatting the card.

The Wiki has all the info you need to do this :slight_smile:

If you still feel uncomfortable, just try a new SD card.

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The front sd card of a new ER-301 does not have anything vital on it. If you wipe it, the default file structure will be recreated the first time you mount it on your ER-301.

I recommend that you try formatting it using the ER-301 built-in card formatter: admin > Card Console > Format.

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Wow I am really impressed with the support and speed of the support here from the commuity. Thank you everyone for your patience and help with me here. Day 1 with 301 lol


Did everything work out?

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Yes it did, once I used a different micro sd to sd adapter it was able to format just fine. Thanks for getting bak to me.

I bought a new card, lost the original. I formatted the card with the ER-301, but the ER-301 is not functioning at all, just powers up. By which I mean in “user” there is an option to “pin”, but nothing else: it cannot be used normal, at all.
I thought of trying to update the firmware of the 301, but the card is now read only, so I cannot copy it.

The card is is class 10 8gb. I am running ubuntu.

You don’t happen to have the other rocker switch set to hold mode instead of edit, do you?

lmao thanks Joe :smiley:

and th read only issue i’ll fix in ubuntu / try to

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Glad that was it. It can be super freaky when you power up like that. Looks totally broken!

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Make sure the mechanical switch on the uSD-SD card adapter is not set to “lock”.


whoa. learning things…


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