SD card size / format

I took my ER-301 with me on vacation and the SD card cracked in my backpack. I’m going to head out and get another one but checking in to see if there are any size limits to the micro sd card. And what format does it use? I’m assuming if it’s bigger than 32 GB that it does not use FAT32 right?

As long as you format the card with the ER-301 formatter then any card should work.

Ok great. Thanks

I think I asked before, but forgot the answer: Is there any max size?

I know I;m late but it’s max seems to be 32gb, from what I’ve read…

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afaik @odevices tends to be precise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
though i cannot proove his wider claim that

i can confirm that my fresh sd card 128GB has been succesfully
formatted by the er-301 and that i could save the currently loaded
quicksave (from the original 32GB card) onto the new card as well as
load it successfully after a power cycle (without samples). i will have to copy stuff from the older
card (samples, quicksaves…) but i guess that won’t be problematic either…

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Are you able to use all 128 GB or just 32? I thought the 32GB size restriction was because of the ER-301 not having an sdhc license.

don’t know about sdhc licenses.
but just in order to proove myself wrong, i just copied
a samplitude-project-folder to the 128GB card that is just about
34GB. i couldn’t find a 100GB one:). but if there was in fact some restriction
to 32GB, than it certainly does not concern the overall size and the readability of folders copied onto that
card. i could successfully play a stereo wav file (at least 44.1kHz 16bit but around 1.5GB) of 70 minutes with the card player.
and i won’t be able (nor willing) to test a single file that is more than 32GB… :crazy_face:
so i failed (to proove me wrong) so far, sorry.

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That is very interesting. Thanks for investigating that!