SD Card too slow error

I had an this error a while back when trying to record in the 6 track. “Too many buffer overflows please use faster sd card”.

Formatting the card fixed the problem. Now suddenly I’m getting the same problem. My first instinct is, just get a new sd card but the strange thing is that it’s only happening with 1 particular quick save. The project is using 71% cpu. When I switch to a different quicksave I can record with the 6 track.

Would you guys say im just better off getting a new card or is this 301 related?

*edit update
I changed the 6 track recorder from slots 1&2 to slots 5&6 and I’m back recording in the 6 track. Can anyone explain why this could be happening?

There are a number of underlying causes. The biggest one is FAT32 fragmentation. A faster card might help to a certain degree but really I wish we could use a different file system…I’ll continue to brainstorm on solutions.

I should probably change the in-system message to “Too many buffer overflows please defrag your card or use a faster one.”

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Had a similar issue a while back, after having just transferred all the AKWF waveforms to the card… For some reason, didn’t see it after a reboot, haven’t seen it since.

Thanks for the responses, glad it’s not something wrong with my unit.

Format does fix the problem.

Must be that my sd kinds on the edge of being glitchy. I don’t really understand cards speeds, could someone recommend a 32gb that’s the fastest possible?