Second Chances

Apologies are rare, so whenever possible I would like to respond positively when I get them.

Recently @anon25407821 contacted me with a sincere apology and a request to be allowed to participate on the forum again. I am not going into details but I believe v0ltstarv understands the problems that led to his suspension and will do his best to not repeat them.

In the light of this, I’ve decided to re-activate v0ltstarv’s account. Please warmly welcome him back. If you have issues with this matter then message me privately.

Thank you.


I absolutely don’t care at all !

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Good to hear, we all get things wrong sometimes :wink:

The only thing I care about is that things remain peaceful, it’s awesome here, so much good stuff going on and so much more to come; everyone should be able to enjoy this and join in, I am glad v0ltstarv is coming back and a bridge is repaired a wound healed.

Long may it last!


welcome back to wonderland @anon25407821 :slight_smile:

Thank you so much everyone. I am glad to be back and I offer my sincere apologies
for sounding so negative in the past.

I have very limited time to spend with the er301, but i am slowly learning more and more and am grateful to be able to remain part of this incredibly cool community.



Tis a beautiful thing, this rapprochement.

Gentle and kind, let’s all aspire to be :kissing_heart: